Are You Looking For Video Game Merchandise And Gashapon Products

Recently I found these really cute little toys called Gashapon or Gacha. Gashapon toys are frequently based on best-selling character licenses from Japanese manga, video games, anime, popular icons and a few American entertainment licenses. These extremely detailed toys have found a large following among adults in Japan, and the trend is filtering to the West with other popular culture influences such as anime and manga. Now usually if you would want one of these collectibles you would have to have the vending machine where they come out of.

Fortunately for us there are actually stores online that sell the “capsule toy” amongst other products for the Gashapon. On a few of these sites I found some really nice variations for each toy along with other accessories. So, let’s take a look at some of these items so you can get a better understanding of what I am talking about!

Super Mario Collectibles: In this area you are going to find ALL of your favorite Mario characters with a pull-back car toy. You know what these are; the cars that you pull-back and when you let them go they go flying forward. These come in characters such as Yoshi, Mario, Wario, Luigi and Bowser. But I also found plush toys as well; actually I really liked the plush toys. I found a few different “color” versions of Yoshi! he was always my favorite! You can also find “danglers” which are these cute little Iconic Charms, key rings and magnets! If you like Super Mario – you are going to love these!

Kirby Collectible Items: This is going to include a lot of the same stuff as the Super Mario section, but everything is going to be Kirby. You remember him! This is the main character of Nintendo’s Kirby video game series created by Masahiro Sakurai and developed by HAL Laboratory. The Kirby series is one of Nintendo’s many well-known game franchises, spanning nearly twenty games since 1992. If you like Kirby you should definitely check out the plush toys on some of these sites. Oh so cute! You could either buy them for yourself or for someone else – maybe another person that really enjoyed the lovable pink character.

Gacha Game Accessories: Now this is where you really start getting more into the Gashapon part of these sites. This is going to include all kinds of gacha items such as; Zelda Gacha Stylus Pens, Baby Mario & Luigi game cart holder for DS & DS Lite games, and Super Mario Gacha Stylus Pen & Goomba Screen Cleaner.

I know it seems like there is a lot of Super Mario stuff going on here. But with good reason considering a lot of the Nintendo games like Super Mario, Zelda and Oracle of Ages included different collections from the Gashapon products. For instance, in Zelda you might remember something called “Gasha Trees”. I used to love this game and remember it vividly! For us 70s and 80s kids this is really just a nice way to be reminded of our childhoods and all those great childhood memories and fun we had.

But for some people this really is ALL about collecting. In fact, some people have every piece of Gashapon ever made. And it’s their absolute goal to continue on collecting every new piece that comes out. Well, whether you do this for fun or for sport – this is definitely an interesting little product that anyone would be happy to have! By the way, on a lot of these sites they also have stuff besides the products mentioned above. They might also have consoles, booster boxes, sweets and candy, trading cards and much more. So if you like toys and you like fun – these are going to be the perfect sites just for you!