Game Tester Jobs Are 3 Steps Away – Start Now

Gamers all across the globe would probably give up their present jobs in a second if they were given the opportunity to become a professional video game tester. The paychecks are good, the work is simple, and it is actually lots of fun to do! Although I can’t actually turn you into a pro video games beta tester overnight, what I am able to do is tell you how to become a game tester in 3 simple steps.

3 Step System For How to Become a Video Game Tester

Step 1: Avoid Looking In The Newspaper

Assume searching in the newspaper for “beta testers wanted” ads is a great strategy? Well, you are completely wrong. Game testing businesses & videogame developers aren’t stupid. They don’t want the “rookies” of beta video game testing — the kind of folks that just discovered how to be a video games tester a week ago. With that said, you should not expect to poke your head around a newspaper and find loads of ads for professional game testing opportunities; it just isn’t going to happen, sorry.

Step 2: Start Applying EVERYWHERE

No one claimed it was going to be hassle-free, so don’t presume it will be. You will want to start ACTIVELY searching for video game testing centers and game development organizations. Begin putting together a list of names, businesses, & addresses and start sending out your game testing resume. Are you going to get back hundreds of responses? Um, no — probably few, if none at all, to be honest; but that is alright, you are new to the industry and that’s to be expected.

When you start having trouble identifying and locating video game development organizations — and you will, I guarantee it — you should invest a little money into a “be a game tester” e-guide. It will not cost you more than $30 to $40 and you will be getting a complete list of top name game developers you can apply to.

Advice For Your Application: Do not rush through it just to get it out of the way. Take some time and make sure it looks professional and is actually WORTH reading. It will need to convey to the reader your immense experience & knowledge with video games — PC, console, MMORPGs, etc. — as well as why you’d be not simply a good beta game tester, but a fantastic one.

Step 3: Try Testing Games For Nothing

This is the last step (and most vital, I should say) of how to become a game tester. I understand the idea itself seems horrible to you at this moment — after all, working without getting paid is not a picnic — but it’s still one of the best ways to get your foot in the door. Game developers detest, and I mean DETEST, spending cash — even with regards to testing & fixing their latest video games. So, how do you turn this particular “hurdle” into an “advantage” you can use? By testing FREE of charge, that’s how! I admit it is going to be awful, at first, but it’ll be worthwhile in the future. How, you ask? Because of the many excellent references you’ll swiftly collect. He that has the most (and best) references GETS the most video game tester jobs!