Kingdoms Of Amalur Reckoning – Game Features And Highlights

Amalur is the vast fantasy environment which is the setting for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, which is a brand new fighting role-playing game. This game release promises to be something special with the executive designer being Ken Rolston (lead designer behind the popular Elder Scrolls 3 and 4 titles), the storyline getting created by celebrated writer R. A. Salvatore (twenty-two times on the New York Times best-seller list), plus the in-game graphics and character animations under the direction of Todd McFarlane (Spider-Man artist and also the designer of Spawn).

this game is a massive free-roaming video game, and the world of Amalur has 5 separate regions. Players can choose from 4 different races within the game made up of two races of humans as well as two elf races. Also, there are three distinct class-trees (Finesse, Sorcery and Might), with 22 attainable abilities within each class tree. A flexible battle scheme enables any character to simultaneously utilise a primary and a secondary weapon, together with an assortment of magical spell-types – there are numerous melee-weapon and long-distance weapon classes, as well as a multitude of spells available.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning will be an immense adventure, which has a captivating storyline, numerous side-quests, as well as a gigantic sandbox environment which to explore. Together with the main-quest taking approximately sixty hours to complete, there is an abundance of content in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning to hold role-playing game enthusiasts entranced for many months ahead.


Fascinating Sandbox World to Explorer – All five regions of Amalur are full of breathtaking scenery, mysterious towns and cities, amazing creatures, nasty enemies in addition to vibrant characters to talk to. Gamers can focus all their attention to completing only the primary mission, completing various secondary quests they uncover, or simply proceed and uncover the world – the choice is yours.

Flexible Character Creation – Select from four distinct race-types, the Varani (nomadic humans), the Almain (noble humans), the Dokkalfar (dark elves) and the Ljosalfar (light elves). Players begin the game with a character containing no specific skills, but they can customise their chosen character along three distinct class trees – Might (a fighter), Finesse (a rogue), and Sorcery (a mage). You’ll find twenty-two ability-types within each class-tree so you can customise your selected hero anyway you desire by using a combination of abilities as well as skills from any class tree.

Flexible Combat System – Any character chosen can employ a main as well as a alternative weapon, in addition to use magical spells at the same time. Outfit your character for battle using hand-to-hand weapons (there are nine hand-to-hand weapon classes), ranged-weapons (such as bows), various types of armour, and dozens of available spells. Finish off your enemies using Fateshift kills, which are ferocious slow-motion finishing-moves.

Accumulate and Craft Handy Items – With a large limit to the number of items one can hold, gamers will be able to pick up many handy items and also weaponry whilst travelling throughout the world of Amalur. Using items picked up, players are able to use the ingenious object crafting tool to build brand-new item-types.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is scheduled for release around 10th Feb, 2012, and will be released on the following platforms: Xbox 360 Consoles, PS3 and PC Systems. The video game is published by Electronic Arts, and this video game is developed by 38 Studios / Big Huge Games. Multi-player is not included in this video game. The game has a PEGI 18 rating, and is thus appropriate for players 18 years as well as older.