Pet Games Online- Hamster Dash

Ever since the Internet found a way into the average middle income home, one of the things that came along with it where games. Let’s face it, children make up about fifty percent of the average home, and we can be pretty sure parents will not be the only ones using the Internet for their personal benefit. Arcade games mostly made in Flash, now from Adobe, have swept the Internet with a myriad of different themes and genres. Initially, only adventure, action, fighting, and rpg games took center stage. These where more traditional titles in which arcade owners where more comfortable investing their marketing dollar. Nowadays, however, as the fascination of flash games has grown beyond anyone’s imagination, arcade owners have started to probe different genres in a n effort to gain a head start on the next great fad. Flash game genres like dog games and pet games are taking the web by storm, what seemed to be a farfetched idea, is now a well sought after form of entertainment.

Many titles have been developed within the pet games online genre. Most of these games depict a puppy, a kitten, a rabbit of a hedgehog in some kind of fun activity in a lively and fun scenario. The games hit it off with great designs of cuddly little creatures who make up the cast of players in the game, perhaps a human caretaker controlled by the player is also in the mix. Pet games online are also noted for their enticing background images and sounds. Most pet games online feature well thought after designs with lots of colors and detail, which aim to provide the young player with an even more enjoyable experience.

Such is the case of -Hamster Dash’, or R.O.O.M. a free pet game online featuring a blind hedgehog. R.O.O.M stands for -Rodent Oriented Object Manipulation’, it simply means you will have to move objects around in order to help the blind hedgehog make it to the other side. One of the aspects of this free pet game that stands out is simplicity. The game is simple enough for anyone to follow and have a good time. The object of the game is to make use of the mouse to move, or activate objects in the game interface in order to keep your hedgehog character alive and going until he reaches the other side of the screen. The pet game features a great sound score and special effects, plus a great touch of detail with the loud gripe made by the hedgehog once the level is completed. There are a total of nine levels, and the player must complete the given level in order to make it to the next.

Overall, Hamster dash is a great free pet game online for all ages, which meets today’s standards of innovation, and a bold attempt by developers to try something different.

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