Pet Games Online- Me And My Pet

Me and My Pet is a free online pet game in which players have to dress the dog owner and dog. This Pet game has four stages. In the first stage, you will have to dress the dog owner. Players can dress the dog owners in a variety of outfits including jackets, long sleeve shirts, pants, skirts and shoes. After you have dressed the dog owner in the outfits, you can press the Next button to proceed to the second stage.

In the second stage, you have to draw makeup on the face of the dog owner. You can choose from a wide variety of makeup including lipstick, cheek blush and eyelashes brush. The lipstick is available in many colors including purple, red, pink, dark, red, and brown. The cheek brush is available in several colors including red, pink, brown, and oranges. The eyelashes brush is available in four colors including black, purple, blue, and green. After, you have drawn the makeup, you can click on the Next button to proceed to the third stage.

In the third stage of this free online pet game, you will select a wick hair for the dog owner. There are many types of wick hairs you can choose from including ponytail, blonde wick, red wick hair, long wick hair and etc.

In the fourth stage, players will dress the pet dog. Players can dress the dog in a variety of dresses including dog leads, dog collars, dog wick, and dog dress. The dog wick is available in rainbow colors, green color, pink color, orange color, purple color, brown color and black color. The dog leads are available in a variety of colors including black, grey, pink and purple. After you have finished dressing the dog, you must click on the Next button. After clicking the Next button, you will be presented with a picture of the model and pet which you have dressed just now.

If you want to apply a dress on the dog owner or dog, you must click on it. When you click on the dress, the dress will automatically be picked up. After that, you should move the mouse cursor to the appropriate position in the dog owner and click on her. For example, if you want to dress the dog owner in a jacket, you must click o the jacket once. After that, you must move the mouse cursor to the upper part of the body and click on it again so that the dress will be fit on her. When you click on her, the dress will be fit to her.

Me and My Pet has a Reset button located on the top left corner of the screen. If you want to remove all the dresses on the dog owner or dog, you can click on the Reset button. By clicking on the Reset button, all the clothes will be removed. In this way, you can start over decorating the dog owner or dog again.

Me and My Pet is suitable for girls under twelve years of age. Young girls will enjoy decorating the dog owner and her dog with all kinds of dresses. With so many dresses to choose from, this pet game will surely keep them busy for hours.

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