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    • Description  Installing the mineral wool sandwich panel Installation site
    • Description  Ceiling panels roll forming machine working flowDecoiling steel sheet →covering film→pre-cutter→Guiding system→Roll forming→Cut to length→Run out tableMachine components?A)Decoiler:a)Loading capacity: ≤2Tb)Suitable material ID: φ508mmc)Suitable material width: 300mm?d)Suitable material OD: <φ1000mme)Manual passived decoiler?B) Main machine forming system:1. Guiding platform?It is set in the beginning of the main machine with left-right guiding. It can help the operator to make the sheet in the right direction, left side and right side can be adjusted separately by manual screw structure.2. Pre-cutter systemThis device is use to cut the steel sheet material while the sheet into the roll forming machine and need finish the work.3. Roll forming systemRoll forming system consist of machine frame, transmission parts and roll forming rollers etc. ? ? ? ? ? ? ?a) Machine frame adopts welding structure with blasting treatment.b) The roller of this line is made of No.45 steel, surface painted with hard chrome, all treated by full CNC precision machines, therefore the roller has good rigidity.?c)Roller supporting type: columnd) Electrical motor driving, the back/forward roller driven by chain, part of upper/lower rollers driven by geare) Adjust the screw bar manually to adjust the distance between upper/lower rollers for difference thickness of sheet.f) Different thickness and yield stress will get different dimension tolerance.?C) ?Hydraulic profile cutterThe hydraulic profile cutter could cut the sheet according to preset length.?D). Runout system?There will be one table to hold the run out panels, 6m lengthE). Hydraulic system?1. Hydraulic profile cutter adopts separated inside set hydraulic station?2. Main valve and pump?F) .Electrical control system?1. Adopts PLC control technology which can ensure the automatic producing.2. The system provides friendly man-machine interface which can set the batches, plate length, quantity and so on.3. Operation type: Input touch screen+button4. Encoder calculates the number, which has function of calculation and measuring the length.5. Adopt Mitsubishi PLC and inverter.?
    • Description  Rock wool slitter machine?Parameter:1)Total power: about 10Kw2)This machine could slit the rock wool slab which is 1200mm*1200mm(length *width),50-100mm thickness. Its density is 100-150kg/m3.3)The dimension of the machine is about 4366*1600*1575(mm).The height of working desk is about 0.8m.4)This machine could slit the rock wool slab to strip which width is 50mm,100mm,150mm,200mm .5)The saw knife is Ф355.The circle speed is about 1230 turn/min.6)There are 4 saw cassettes (B50,B100,B150,B200) as the attachment photo showing. The worker needs to change the saw cassettes according to slitting width.7)The rock wool slab will feed into the machine by roller. The speed is about 2.5m/min.8)There is lift device which could press the slab and be up and down according to the thickness of rock wool slab.???
    • Description  The rock wool trapeziform strip cutting machine?When make the roof panel , the trapeziform rockwool strip is cut on trapeziform strip cutting machine and feed on the groove of sheet by manual.Parameter:1)Total power: about 6Kw2)This machine could slit the rock wool slab which is 1200mm*600mm(length *width),30-50mm thickness. Its density is 100-150kg/m3.3)There is only one specification of cutting on this machine. Specification could be decided according to customer’s demand.4)The saw knife is Ф305-500.The circle speed is about 1400 turn/min.5)The rock wool slab will feed into the machine by roller. The max speed is about 3.5m/min, speed could be adjusted.6)Processing area is closed and sealed. There is 4 dust outlets with diameter 150mm is kept on machine.???

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