Some Potential Downsides Of Xbox Kinect

The Xbox Kinect has received a ton of media exposure over the last few months. However , several people don’t believe the gaming system will be worth buying. Here I will talk about why several people are scared about how much of a success Kinect is going to be.

One aspect people often worry about is if Kinect will be too laggy or not. If Kinect can’t pick up peoples motions very quickly, gamers will definitely be unhappy. The peripheral is based entirely on motion. If the motions aren’t registered at near real-time, then that could be a huge issue.

Everyone knows there will be at least some slowness at the release date. When some updates are applied, the speed should get better though.

The condition of the voice recognition system put into Kinect is a worry for several people. In some of the Kinect game videos, it was obvious that the system didn’t really know what the person was truly saying. You also need to think about if Kinect games will be able to pick up heavy accents, or varying dialects correctly. This could possibly be a problem since everyone knows that dialects can differ heavily around the world. I actually believe that it will depend on the programmers for the games. They might have the biggest say in how advanced the voice recognition system is . Until the Kinect is released, no-one will know how good the voice recognition performs.

It is said that there won’t be many titles created for the peripheral that are for the more hardcore players. No real fighting or war games have been advertised at this point, while many kids titles have. The Kinect might not have much appeal to older players in this case. The majority of gamers just aren’t going to purchase the system if they don’t feel they will like the games. If Kinect titles that appeal to older people aren’t being developed, then the system will probably be declared a failure.