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Pet Games Online- Feed Your Pet

Free pet games to play online are a new genre of arcade games which have started to appear frequently in the repertoire of free game sites in the web. Doing a search in your favorite search engine on pet games online, will yield thousands of results, with the term pet games producing over three hundred thousand searches per month in Google alone. Among the most popular titles in this exciting new genre, there is a game called Feed Your Pet. Developed by Markus Eichenberger, with no apparent sponsor to speak off, Feed Your Pet is a thrilling pet game that has found its way to hearts of animal lovers everywhere.

In the welcome screen of this game, the player is asked to enter his name, which is saved should you want to come back at a later time. The game starts the player off in a feeding room, where four furry little creatures align themselves as they get ready to be fed by you. Among the cast of characters are the four pets, which include a dog, a cat, a bunny and a Guinea Pig. Additionally, there is a monster creature whose job is to make things difficult for you by eating all the food you dish out to your friends. To get the game rolling, start by clicking on the food symbols to the right hand side. Clicking on any of the symbols will get the food rolling on the table. Your job is to click on the right kind of food as it rolls over the appropriate pet. For example, you will want to click on a carrot as soon as it is over the rabbit, he will eat it and give you four points. There is a special event that shows a heart blinking on the pet, if he were to be fed at this time; you would be rewarded double points. However, there are penalties to your score should the food miss the pet entirely, or you if you where to give the food to the wrong pet. For instance, giving the carrot to the dog instead of the rabbit will cost you. Another part of the game to watch out for is that your pets get enough food. A green bar at the bottom notifies the player on the status of each pet. If you where to ignore feeding anyone of them for an extended period of time, it is likely they would starve to death and the game would be over.

As the game progresses, you will gain higher scores and reach higher levels. With every level there is also a higher level of difficulty. The food passing over the table will move at greater speeds and leave you less time to react. Overall, Feed My Pet is a wonderful pet game you can play online free with friends and family, it is great for young children who are just starting to tell the difference between the species of animals. This pet game helps them relate each pet to a certain food type. The background score is entertaining, and complemented by nifty special effects that make the game that much more enjoyable.

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