The Best Ergonomics For Playing Video Games Pain Free

It is now quite common to find people playing video games for many hours each day. If you fall into this category then it will help your health if you understand all about the concepts of ergonomics. Basically, ergonomics is how we position ourselves when seated at a desk or table. It is often used when describing people’s work stations in an office but it can also be relevant to gamers. There are 6 ergonomic techniques that may provide a degree of comfort to all video gamers –

1. When you sit down, you should ensure that the lower portion of your back is pushed firmly against the seat to give your spine good support. This will also help to maintain a healthy position of your full back region. It can also be more comfortable if your feet are on the floor and not dangling in the air as your weight will be more equally dispersed.

2. When using a mouse, joypad, joystick, or keyboard it is important to try to keep your forearms parallel to the floor as often as you can. Your elbows should be kept tucked in to both your sides. Try to keep your shoulder muscles relaxed.

3. It is easy to pull or strain a muscle by stretching too far. If you are engrossed in a video game then you should keep any snacks or drinks that you require close at hand and easy to reach. Also keep your legs uncrossed so as to improve blood circulation.

4. The computer monitor or TV screen should always be directly in front of you and not off at an angle. Repeatedly having to twist your neck and body can easily cause discomfort and pain to arise.

5. It is important to have the monitor or screen positioned at the right height. Your line of sight should be at the top of the screen, this is because it is more naturally and comfortable for us to be gazing down as opposed to up. If you always have to look up you can strain your neck muscles.

6. Neck pain can have a serious effect on our lives. If you need to use your cell phone whilst playing a video game then you should never just wedge it between your shoulder and neck. This is a very uncomfortable position to maintain. It makes sense to have a cell with speakerphone capability or a hands free set.